Our Story at Cattery365

Cattery 365 england is a completely accredited and also regularly evaluated– comfort, wellness and health is our # 1 concern.

We ensure that your cat is well looked after even if you are away.

Our small cattery lies in Bedfordshire. It is under the personal care of our owner that ensures that individual cat needs are constantly catered.

We are proud to present top-notch accommodation and look after your valuable feline buddies.

Our cattery england is located at our home, near our home for optimal protection and neglects the big tranquil as well as remote yards.

It’s the ideal place for your caring animals to enjoy their vacation and also relax.

Cattery 365 england welcomes viewings, as we’re proud of our cattery center along with the standard of treatment we give.

We support previous watching. What’s even more, no appointment is needed when going to within our opening times.

A Home From Home For Your Furry Friend!

We also treat our cat visitors as individuals. We provide them all stages of love and also play every day.

We make certain that your cat will certainly have a relaxing time and that you’ll go back to locate them gratified as well as joyous.

We suggest that you tell us concerning their regular, suches as and also dislikes on arrival so we can treat your loving friend much like they go to house.

Our Philosophy

Our personnel prepares and also constantly happy to take the most effective of your cat while you are away.

All cats are taken outdoors individually right into among our play yards to play.

Our approach is based upon the natural concepts of life: Love, Recognizing and Regard. Every cat in our cattery is treated with these worths.

We Understand The Cats Needs

We appreciate every kittens as well as cat the method they are. We additionally understand that cats have various needs as a result of their genes. That’s the foundation for a excellent relationship with your feline buddy.

Cattery 365 don’t try to change them or regulate them. We can teach them as well as train, yet they have their very own mind.

Cattery 365 is your house for your cat!

Cats Are Our Passion

Our love for different breeds of cat is our passion. We treasure every cat that we have as well as each kitty we took excellent treatment of.

As cat owners ourselves, we understand that the suggestion of leaving your family pet in somebody else’s care while you are away can be upsetting.

So, we encourage you to talk about any kind of concerns you could have with us.